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TRUE Partial Credit Grading with Expert TA

March 28 , 17

Many instructors feel online homework systems are lacking the ability to grade student work similarly to how they grade a traditional paper-based assignment. The truth is: they are right. [...]

An Instructor's Guide to Selecting Course Materials

March 24 , 17

Finding new course materials can be quite an undertaking. There are multiple considerations that instructors must take into account, from the quality of the product to the style of the textbook,[...]

Vassar College Professor Recognized with AAPT Undergraduate Teaching Award

March 22 , 17

Dr. Cindy Schwarz will receive the American Association of Physics Teacher’s 2017 David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching. Expert TA would like to[...]

Tools for Sharing Teaching Materials

March 19 , 17

Instructors have a long history of sharing resources between one another within departments and among those who teach the same course, or a follow-on course. With the growth of readily available[...]

A Guide to In-Class Physics Demonstrations

March 10 , 17

Classroom demonstrations can be a great way to get students excited about what you want them to learn, and in-class physics demonstrations can be easier than you realize. If you are not doing any[...]

The Evolving Role of TAs in College Classrooms

March 08 , 17

A teaching assistant (TA) is an individual who assists a teacher with instructional responsibilities, and as many of you know, TAs are a big part of the college classroom. The duties of a TA can[...]

Interested in Flipped Classrooms? Start Small.

March 02 , 17

This blog post is not meant to equip you with the complete knowledge to get started down the path to the flipped classroom—although we do plan on writing a “Getting started with the Flipped[...]

Online Homework Is (Still) Not Obsolete

February 28 , 17

We recently read an article stating that homework is once and for all obsolete because of a new app developed making it easier for students to cheat on their homework. And in another article from[...]

Question Pools: Expert TA’s 99th Step in Protecting Academic Integrity

February 24 , 17

Academic integrity is important — to you as the instructor, to us as a homework provider, and most importantly to students who should be benefitting from the practice that homework provides.[...]

Navigating the Creative Commons License: A Tailored Approach to OER

February 16 , 17

As evidenced by the variety of introductory textbooks available on the market, there is no one-size-fits-all option for teaching physics. What one instructor likes about textbook A may be the very[...]