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Making the Move to a Flipped Classroom

Many educators look for new and innovative ways to teach their students. Thanks to today’s technology, content is provided in a wide range of formats to suit different styles of learning.

The flipped classroom is an instructional strategy that replaces the traditional approach of using class time for lecture. With this method, lectures are delivered online before class, in video form, for students to view at their own pace. This provides more time in class for group discussion, meaningful Q&A sessions, and problem solving activities.

In an earlier post, we broke down some of the pros and cons of the flipped classroom and offered a few recommendations on how to get started.

Interested in Flipped Classrooms? Start Small.

Expert TA continues to develop new features that allow instructors to take advantage of the latest trends in education. We look forward to sharing more information about the release of our pre-class video series, coming for Fall 2018. In our original post, given that the instructor would have to produce all of their own content, we recommended starting small. Our coming video series will allow you to transition seamlessly to the flipped classroom and start big.



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