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Embracing Smartphones in the Classroom

February 08 , 17

Most people have a love/hate relationship with smartphones: They provide resources and information expeditiously in just a few clicks, but can also divert attention from timely tasks and goals,[...]

The AP Physics Exam's Shift Toward Symbolic Problem Solving

January 30 , 17

In 2015, the AP Physics Exam experienced significant changes. AP Physics B was split into two exams and two courses: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. In addition, the amended approach emphasizes[...]

Canvas LMS Review: Highlights of this Classroom Management System

December 30 , 16

For those working in the education realm these days, it seems that you can’t go far without hearing about new educational technology tools, and Instructure’s Canvas LMS is at the top of that list[...]

Getting Started: Setting up Your Expert TA Online Homework System

December 21 , 16

We think all instructors can agree—they went into education for the love of learning. The administrative tasks that accompany being an instructor are simply part of the job, an often cumbersome[...]

Technology in Education Opens the Door to Personalized Learning

December 02 , 16

Although many would think that in 2016, technology’s intrinsic value in the classroom would be a given, educators still debate how important technology is in education as they struggle to[...]

Hints and Feedback: 2 Distinct Tools for Online Homework Success

November 10 , 16

Hints and feedback are often used interchangeably in the world of online homework systems. However, while they both hold an important place in student learning, they are not synonyms. Too many[...]

Academic Integrity and Online Physics Homework: 5 Strategies to Combat Cheating

October 11 , 16

Higher education is constantly evolving through the use of the World Wide Web.  A classroom is no longer limited to a physical location.  In the same way, homework is no longer limited to a piece[...]

Blended Classroom Instructor Earns Award Using Expert TA

September 28 , 16

The Expert TA staff would like to congratulate Dr. Linda Grisham of Massachusetts Bay Community College, who recently won a prestigious Course of Distinction (COD) Award from Massachusetts[...]

Shining a Light on OpenStax

September 08 , 16

Our goal at Expert TA is to improve the learning experience for both educators and students. Whenever we have a chance to associate with someone working toward the same end, we are delighted. And[...]

Students Don’t Want to Cheat ... And Teachers Can Help Them Stay Clean

August 19 , 16


Jeremy Morton, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, The Expert TADavid Pritchard, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Although many people claim that cheating on college[...]