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Top Homework System Features To Address Cheating Online

At Expert TA, we have always made it a top priority to provide instructors with the best possible protections against cheating online. The scope of the problem has never been greater, with the ever-expanding volume of solutions posted on the internet, and the advent of "tutoring" services through which students can have any problem solved in a matter of minutes. Our focus on this goal requires continual development and innovation..

The pillar of academic integrity for Expert TA users is our Independent Problem Library, which affords us the ability to protect solutions and have them removed if they are posted online. Additionally, our full suite of Academic Integrity features* includes the randomization of variables and problem statements, question pools, and problem masking.

Existing Features

  • Randomized Variables
  • Randomized Phrases
  • Problem Masking
  • Proprietary Web-Crawler
  • Question Pools

*All controls within Expert TA are fully customizable, and instructors are able to choose the right seettings for their class.

We are excited to announce the next level of features designed directly to reduce the number of students cheating on online homework. Through research into decades of literature surrounding the topic of academic integrity, we have determined which best practices to implement within our online environment in order to support the work teachers are doing every day in the classroom.

New Suite of Features

  • Honor Code Messaging
  • Customizable Syllabus Language
  • Intelligent Problem Tracking
  • Updated Terms of Service
  • Warning Messages for Violations

For more details on the new suite of features, we strongly encourage you to watch our webinar from the 2017 AAPT Summer Meeting in which we provide the complete descriptions of the new tools, and the research-based context for the development of the suite.

Watch The Full Webinar

Please contact us for more information regarding these or any features available in Expert TA. Read more on our website at TheExpertTA.com/integrity or on the Expert TA Blog.



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