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Partnering with STEM educators to foster innovative teaching.

Welcome to Expert TA’s New Web Site

We’ve been working with our customers, content authors, and strategic partners for much of the last year to create a new online experience.

Our goal is to make it easy for instructors and students to learn about the capabilities of The Expert TA system—and to imagine how using our online homework and tutorial system can dramatically improve a student’s success at learning physics.

Our theme for the site is “Education Evolved.” We didn’t choose those words casually. That’s our mission and our goal. We want to help professors and instructors teach more students physics successfully.

We believe that students learn physics by working physics problems. We also believe that just the right small hint or sometimes more comprehensive feedback at the moment the student is stuck, can relieve frustration and help make an important concept stick.

We also believe that professors’ and instructors’ time is better spent teaching concepts than grading problems and analyzing results.

That’s why the features you will learn about on this site include:

  • True Partial Grading - We do what no other online system does.
  • Expertly written and vetted physics problems - from a cadre of terrific physics instructors with unique perspectives and decades of collective teaching experience
  • Analytics and Grade Reports - Real time grading with instructor-controlled hints and feedback that can suggest a direction or tell students what they did wrong.
  • Free online physics textbooks - through our partnership with OpenStax College

We invite you to take a tour around the site. Let us know what you think. We want your feedback.




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