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Blended Classroom Instructor Earns Award Using Expert TA

The Expert TA staff would like to congratulate Dr. Linda Grisham of Massachusetts Bay Community College, who recently won a prestigious Course of Distinction (COD) Award from Massachusetts Colleges Online’s (MCO) 11th Annual Conference of eLearning.

MCO says this about their Course of Distinction Awards:

Massachusetts Colleges Online created the Courses of Distinction Awards to recognize faculty whose course designs best exemplify online education’s potential to enhance teaching and learning. In addition to honoring faculty for their efforts, the COD Awards and the faculty showcases of the COD courses have become an important focus of the MCO annual Sharing Best Practices in e-Learning Conference.

Dr. Grisham’s award recognizes her work with a Physics 101 class, which uses Expert TA’s online homework system,  along with other tools to teach kinematics, dynamics, energy, wave motion, fluids, heat and temperature and kinetic theory of gases and sound.

"This hybrid online course was designed to provide a ‘blended’ experience for students, many of whom are life science majors pursuing careers in medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy and veterinary sciences,” said Grisham. 

Dr. Grisham is one of many exploring the blended classroom philosophy and uses Expert TA's online learning platform because she feels it allows students to come to class prepared to engage.

"I expect my students to complete homework assignments that are designed to reinforce lessons and work done during class and then provide an overview of topics to be covered during the next class meeting,” said Grisham. “It is critical that students come prepared each class to work as active participants, and Expert TA provides a wonderful structure to foster an environment for student success."

Expert TA allows students to learn physics online by working through problems and receiving hints, feedback or both. Instructors have the ability to choose the problems that best align with their textbook content and lectures.

We are so pleased to see the homework applications we developed provide educators with the benefits we envision for them, but most of all we congratulate Dr. Grisham on this award and her outstanding work in the classroom.

At the Expert TA, it is our honor to offer products that assist students and teachers in the learning process, in part by a concerted attack designed to improve the integrity of our system against student cheating. If you’d like to learn more about our system, we'd love to talk more.

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Formed from the belief that a homework system should help instructors teach and students learn, Expert TA harnesses the power of technology to encourage practice during homework, while also giving meaningful feedback to both instructors and students. The Expert TA blog was created to serve as a hub of information to help educators track and discuss trends in education, software and student performance.



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