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SeedStep Angels Invest in Expert TA

SEEDSTEP ANGELS: Founded in mid-2009 and managed by i2E, the group has grown to more than 20 members in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

A Tulsa kickoff event earlier this year attracted several potential members who saw a presentation by Marianne Hudson, executive director of the Angel Capital Association.  Most importantly, the SeedStep Angel group is making a positive impact on the access-to-capital landscape in Oklahoma.

The group, composed of successful Oklahomans, has made four investments in Oklahoma companies since it was founded, with the most recent investment  placed in Tulsa-based Expert TA.

Here is a brief profile on the company:

Expert TA: Tulsa-based Expert TA has created an innovative software solution to the time-consuming task of grading engineering, physics and math homework assignments at the nation’s colleges and universities.  Founded in 2009 by Dr. Jeremy Morton, an assistant professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of Oklahoma State University, Expert TA provides a Web-based homework assessment application that is capable of human-like, partial-credit grading of complex equations.

The software frees graduate assistants from the task of grading assignments to spend more time mentoring students one-on-one, while allowing universities to hire fewer graduate assistants throughout the academic year.  Oklahoma State University, Northeastern State University and the University of Arkansas served as beta test sites for the software.


Originally Posted on August 18, 2011 by Jim Stafford

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  • I like the idea of guiding students, giving them a little more information each time they ask for help. I also think they should get the right answer. I am big about partial credit. If they got a number wrong, they got a number wrong. But I also believe in giving them a lot of credit if they have the right steps. With Expert TA’s true partial credit grading system, instructors can do both.

    Ellen Siem, PhD., Senior Instructor, Department of Physics, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR
  • With my students, I found that Expert TA was a way for them to help themselves, rather than seeing it as something that is just being assigned so they can get a grade. Initially, I set it up so they lose very little for clicking hints. I also gave them up to 10 different times to submit an answer. They are able to work through a problem on their own rather than being worried that asking for hints would get them a zero.

    Matt Evans, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire