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Getting Started: Setting up Your Expert TA Online Homework System

We think all instructors can agree—they went into education for the love of learning. The administrative tasks that accompany being an instructor are simply part of the job, an often cumbersome and time-consuming part.

We understand your time is limited, and have worked to ensure that getting started with the Expert TA online homework system is quick and easy. Here are the next steps for instructors interested in using Expert TA:

Let us show you around

We are grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to Expert TA. You have the ability to access our interactive demo online anytime, or for a deeper look, contact us to setup a live demonstration.

Getting setup

If you’re ready to partner with Expert TA, contact us directly, and we’ll get your account established right away. Be sure to provide us with your class name and any other details that may help with the personalization of your setup (section numbers, textbook, semester start date, etc…)

From there, we’ll setup your class or classes, and automatically generate the class registration information students will need to join. We provide a simple, step-by-step guide for students that walks them through the registration process.

While Expert TA was designed to be intuitive, a personalized orientation meeting can be scheduled to demonstrate the full suite of class management tools.

With you (and each student) every step of the way

A receptionist service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with basic inquiries, such as a forgotten password or payment inquiry for students.  More complex questions are always instantly sent to our in-house support team, who can also be reached directly at Our average response time to questions—regardless of day or time sent—is less than 30 minutes.

Each instructor also has an account manager, a dedicated Expert TA pro, who’s available by phone or email directly to address questions and share best practices.


In our standard pricing model, students pay $32.50 for single-semester access to Expert TA, and no student will pay more than $65.00 for a two-semester sequence, regardless of drops or retakes. Please see our Product page for more information about pricing and materials.

We also have worked to streamline the startup process for students. Click below to see the one-page Student Registration Instructions.

Getting Started for Students  

Formed from the belief that a homework system should help instructors teach and students learn, Expert TA harnesses the power of technology to encourage practice during homework, while also giving meaningful feedback to both instructors and students. The Expert TA blog was created to serve as a hub of information to help educators track and discuss trends in education, software and student performance.

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  • I like the idea of guiding students, giving them a little more information each time they ask for help. I also think they should get the right answer. I am big about partial credit. If they got a number wrong, they got a number wrong. But I also believe in giving them a lot of credit if they have the right steps. With Expert TA’s true partial credit grading system, instructors can do both.

    Ellen Siem, PhD., Senior Instructor, Department of Physics, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR
  • With my students, I found that Expert TA was a way for them to help themselves, rather than seeing it as something that is just being assigned so they can get a grade. Initially, I set it up so they lose very little for clicking hints. I also gave them up to 10 different times to submit an answer. They are able to work through a problem on their own rather than being worried that asking for hints would get them a zero.

    Matt Evans, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire