Homework System

TRUE Partial Credit Grading with Expert TA

March 28 , 17

Many instructors feel online homework systems are lacking the ability to grade student work similarly to how they grade a traditional paper-based assignment. The truth is: they are right. [...]

An Instructor's Guide to Selecting Course Materials

March 24 , 17

Finding new course materials can be quite an undertaking. There are multiple considerations that instructors must take into account, from the quality of the product to the style of the textbook,[...]

Online Homework Is (Still) Not Obsolete

February 28 , 17

We recently read an article stating that homework is once and for all obsolete because of a new app developed making it easier for students to cheat on their homework. And in another article from[...]

Question Pools: Expert TA’s 99th Step in Protecting Academic Integrity

February 24 , 17

Academic integrity is important — to you as the instructor, to us as a homework provider, and most importantly to students who should be benefitting from the practice that homework provides.[...]

Getting Started: Setting up Your Expert TA Online Homework System

December 21 , 16

We think all instructors can agree—they went into education for the love of learning. The administrative tasks that accompany being an instructor are simply part of the job, an often cumbersome[...]

Hints and Feedback: 2 Distinct Tools for Online Homework Success

November 10 , 16

Hints and feedback are often used interchangeably in the world of online homework systems. However, while they both hold an important place in student learning, they are not synonyms. Too many[...]

5 Online Homework Settings for Better Student Engagement

July 27 , 16

If you’re like many introductory physics instructors, you likely use an online homework system. These systems have evolved tremendously over the past decade, and now allow instructors to highly[...]

How Expert TA Analytics Worked for the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

February 18 , 16

Expert TA’s online homework system offers the most symbolic questions on the market, and they are graded as more than simply right or wrong. This partial credit grading, along with sophisticated[...]

3 Reasons Not to Devalue Homework

January 28 , 16

In higher education, chances are you’ve heard or dealt with issues of academic integrity. Some claim that cheating is now such a significant issue that they can no longer assign value to homework. It[...]

Why Bundled Textbooks are a Bad Deal for Students

January 25 , 16

In our experience, college professors work tirelessly to look out for the best interests of their students. They are well aware of the ever-increasing expense of a college education, and therefore[...]