Online Homework Is (Still) Not Obsolete

February 28 , 17

We recently read an article stating that homework is once and for all obsolete because of a new app developed making it easier for students to cheat on their homework. And in another article from[...]

Navigating the Creative Commons License: A Tailored Approach to OER

February 16 , 17

As evidenced by the variety of introductory textbooks available on the market, there is no one-size-fits-all option for teaching physics. What one instructor likes about textbook A may be the very[...]

Hints and Feedback: 2 Distinct Tools for Online Homework Success

November 10 , 16

Hints and feedback are often used interchangeably in the world of online homework systems. However, while they both hold an important place in student learning, they are not synonyms. Too many[...]

Academic Integrity and Online Physics Homework: 5 Strategies to Combat Cheating

October 11 , 16

Higher education is constantly evolving through the use of the World Wide Web.  A classroom is no longer limited to a physical location.  In the same way, homework is no longer limited to a piece[...]

Students Don’t Want to Cheat ... And Teachers Can Help Them Stay Clean

August 19 , 16


Jeremy Morton, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, The Expert TADavid Pritchard, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Although many people claim that cheating on college[...]

5 Online Homework Settings for Better Student Engagement

July 27 , 16

If you’re like many introductory physics instructors, you likely use an online homework system. These systems have evolved tremendously over the past decade, and now allow instructors to highly[...]

3 Reasons Not to Devalue Homework

January 28 , 16

In higher education, chances are you’ve heard or dealt with issues of academic integrity. Some claim that cheating is now such a significant issue that they can no longer assign value to homework. It[...]

Practice Makes Progress!

November 24 , 15

How can you tell whether a student really understands the class material? Education researchers agree that assessing this is difficult and that the best and most trusted measure is still an exam that[...]